Hot Air delighted to launch our new photos website

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Focussing on tips and techniques for the photography of Hot Air balloons and the beautiful landscapes and colours of Hot Air ballooning, our completely redesigned site launched in November 2013 will also provide a smooth platform for guests flying with Hot Air in Cairns or the Gold Coast or Brisbane to purchase the online photos of their experience for print or download.  Our photo team here at hot air will be searching out “how to” and FAQs from around the globe to help you get the best out of your hot air balloon ride with the latest gadgets, smartphones and techniques for novices and pros alike

Considerable user testing and a skilled hand from our developer has created an easy to use and informative site for Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast and Cairns passengers to purchase the souvenir photos that we take every day.

Our current archive runs at over 56 gb of daily photos of happy customers from a 6 year period, as each day we take an individual portrait photograph pre lift off of all our guests with the group or person they are travelling with,  and then utilising specially modified remote cameras and camera housings we  take in flight photographs of the balloon basket with nothing beneath us often with other balloons in the background or beautiful clouds and the sun behind us

Utilising Photoshelter as our software and storage provider for all the hot air balloon images, their easy management features and solid upload and widgets mean that soon after touch down the photos of the day are ready for viewing on the web, and can be purchased for an immediate download or sent quickly to you via their professional photo printers at a size you specify.

spectacular Hot Air Balloon in flight photo

Ballooning on the Gold Coast with pilot Ben Parkes

Adding to the broad appeal of the site, we will be building resources on the techniques and art of photographing Hot Air Balloons, the challenges with the changing light and hope to showcase other great balloon photographs from around the world.

We start with an article from guest Instagram expert Emily Schreck checkout her instagram art here with her recent trip to many of the states of Australia under her belt, her images of Turtles at Green Island on the Great Barrier reef and of course our own Instagram account @hotairballooncairns  are awesome.

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