Atherton Tablelands

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Atherton Tablelands

Many visitors are attracted to the Atherton Tablelands for seeing the vast variety of wildlife and endemic birds that make their home there. Observing the cascading waterfalls and lakes formed from extinct craters. This highland area, about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above sea level is “naturally air-conditioned” as the locals call it,  and is not far from Cairns, offering people a perfect retreat from the coastal heat to enjoy the cool air provided by the tall green trees of the rainforest.

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Animal lovers and birdwatchers taking early morning strolls may spot exotic birds, and Musky Rat- kangaroo. In the creeks, shy Platypus may also be observed, and at night, one often sees tree kangaroos, possums, or gliders as they emerge from their hiding places to feed. Visiting the Atherton Tablelands is truly a rare and enchanting experience.

Visiting country towns and staying at excellent rainforest accommodation, enables visitors a chance to experience the feel of the local culture through the markets, arts and crafts and in the restaurants.

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One of the most interesting ways of observing the Rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands is going on a hot air balloon ride floating over the region at a height that enable sightings of animals, waterfalls and lakes very clearly. Hot air balloon rides
also present superb viewing of the lushness of the rainforest and surrounds. This is definitely a worthwhile outing, while on a visit to the Queensland region of Australia.

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The Crater Lakes of Lake Eacham and Lake Barine,  close to the historic village of Yungaburra, are craters forming the lakes of the Atherton Tablelands may have only occurred about 30,000 years ago, according to the stories handed down the generations of the local indigenous people.

Also at Yungaburra The Avenue of Honour is Australias only memorial to the defence force personnel and also the IED detecting dogs that have been killed in the Afghanistan war,  opened in late 2013, the Avenue features an Avenue of planted Flame Trees which will bloom beautifully in December and January annually