Hot Air Brisbane and Gold Coast flight a Top 100 View

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Here at  Hot Air, being Australia’s most popular balloon ride operator,  we constantly host media and bloggers from around the World to experience the sights and sounds of the Australian bush at dawn from our bases in Queensland, all of them taking photos, #instagram and Facebook as they go.  Our State Tourism Authority Tourism and Events Queensland TEQ and National Tourism Authority NTO Tourism Australia have a steady stream of media opportunities to send our way from all over the World and we were recently voted one of Australia’s Top 100 views by Travelling Australia Magazine   It’s therefore obviously the perfect spot to come along and take some spectacular images and photographs of your own !

top 100 views in australia

top 100 views in australia

Our spectacular flights on the Gold Coast and from Brisbane take place in the hills and valleys of the Scenic Rim just to the South of Brisbane, behind Tamborine Mountain and finish up with an all important champagne breakfast at O’Reillys Canungra Valley Vineyards – yum !

The flight constantly wows our  visitors with the spectacular landscape and wins accolades from all over the world as can be seen on our Trip Advisor Reviews and facebook reviews but recently we have been getting knocked out with great reviews and great photos and images taken by our guests.  Make sure you blog and upload some of your own after your flight with us

Hot Air Balloon over Brisbanes Scenic Rim one of Australias best 1000 views

Hot Air Balloon over Brisbane’s Scenic Rim one of Australia’s best 1000 views

Tip of the day 🙂

Sometimes morning light can be quite challenging in a hot air balloon for photographers.  Soft light on the ground and strong light on the balloon as the sun comes up at 2000′ before it hits the ground can create very contrasty conditions and strong back lighting, as a tip if you are taking portraits of yourself or others while in the balloon, always put on your the flash, even on a smartphone,  onto the

Hot air balloon photography images flash techniques make all the difference

Hot air balloon photography images flash techniques make all the difference

manual setting and force it ON,  that way your subject will standout just brilliantly from the background regardless of the backlight.  its also great for sunrises and making your subject well exposed against a colourful sky backdrop as the sun rises, we will return to this important topic in future posts with more detail and examples of backlighting and fill in flash techniques whilst floating along in a hot air balloon

Flash makes all the difference !!    Its often hard to see the screen of your iphone or smartphone when its a bright sunny day so before your hot air balloon flight as part of your preperation,  check you know how to manually turn on your flash setting and this will make grabbing that quick snap all the easier.  Also dont forget you can approach other people in the basket to take an inflight photo for you,  they will often happily reciprocate and you can take one for them too.

Hot Air balloon photography,  its all about strong colours, awesome lighting and serenity in a beautiful Australian landscape,  capture the moment and then upload it to Facebook or socail share it with your friends on Insatgram straight away to bring them along for your ride.