The (Photographer’s) Need For Speed

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During our live in-flight test, and using this strong data connection, we gave a shout out to the Speedtest Team at Ookla from the balloon on Twitter – check out the hilarious exchange that followed! Passengers and pilot were all having a great chuckle as the conversation progressed.


Laughter aside, the underlying point is that without this healthy, fast data connection, we wouldn’t have been able to share our experience in real time.

From a keen-photographer’s point of view, there’s no waiting to find an internet connection to share your fantastic experience through photos and video – you can post live from your hot air balloon ride!

Here’s a selection of great photos taken by our passengers, many of whom have made use of the strong data connection from their Hot Air flight:



Going up for the first time! #hotairballoon @hotairballooncairns #hotairballooncairns #thisisqueensland

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Our hot air ballooning adventure is now on YouTube. Check it out… #explore_with_ab

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